Meditation; Its Practice and Benefits – Part II

The hectic research on the practice of meditation and its physiological effects has shown that this will bring a range of health benefits both for the mind and body. These impacts on the psychosomatic level are of great advantages for harmony and happiness in life .

Yoga Training Curriculum in India observes the human nature of the self on the basis of Pancha Kosha theory which is one of the basis of the yoga therapy applications. According to this theory the self is covered with five layers and the experience of meditation brings its influences on all these layers and aims in improving the best possible working conditions of the mind and body.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course imparts the significance of meditation to harness the changes on the psychosomatic experience for the following five layers as follows.

  1. The physical body: The practice of meditation relaxes the muscles and joints which overcomes tension of musculoskeletal region. The stress relief achieving through the balance of the autonomic nervous systems brings the best possible harmony in the endocrinal profile. This also helps in the prevention of the physical illness due to mental stressors and effects.
  2. Vital body : The pranamaya kosha is the sheath of vitality during meditation releases enormous amount of energy which is being accumulated in many of the joints and muscles on account of physical tensions . This is useful releasing the mental repressions.
  3. Mental Sheath: The mind and emotions are purified through the meditation which helps to bring the reduction as well as neutralizing the mental conflicts and their associated emotions. The weight of the unpleasant old memories is also gradually released through constant meditation.The feelings of compassion and the witnessing attitude are of great accomplishments for peaceful life experience.
  4.   The sheath of Intuition: The effect of meditation brings the higher level clarity of the mind which helps in the better decision making ability. It translates the situation of the insecurity to inner securities feelings to feel calm and serine.
  5. Blissful sheath. Happiness is the core of the all the beings in the world. The entire experience of meditation culminates in the peace and happiness which is nothing but blissful condition of everlasting happiness.

There are many other collective benefits of meditation which are seen on physical, psychological, and biochemical parameters. These all effects are really contributing for the integrated development of the dynamic personality.