Role of Twisting Poses in Yoga Sadhana and Their Benefits

The practical session in Yoga without the twisting poses will not be complete practice as they bring their own share of the advantages with specific mechanisms on different systems of the body. They play significant role in the promotion of the positive health and happiness.

Yogic Concept:

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course helps to develop the understanding and practical proficiency of the twisting yoga poses. These are good for Manipura  Chakra and Vitality of the system  through the Role of Samana prana, the element “fire”  which improves the absorption, assimilation of the nutrients.

The Concepts of Energetic Anatomy and Physiology reveals that, most of the spinal twist asanas enhance the pranic flow in the samana region, around the navel. This nourishes organs such as the pancreas, kidneys, stomach, small intestines, liver and gall bladder, relieves associated disorders and rejuvenates the tissues generally.

Twists are helpful to open the Psychic knots which are barrier for healthy chakra functions. This helps in the free flow of the energy in the entire spinal column.


Twisting poses help in toning the abdominal organs to improve the digestion by massaging the internal organs by means of the pressure exerted during the practice using the thigh or the heel.

Alternative contraction and relaxation helps the spine to improve its flexibility and strength

The twists and binds involve the best possible range of the joints movements freely.

Sequence :

These poses are best practiced after forward and backward bending poses /Spinal flexion and extension

Safety and Prevention of Injuries in twists :

Excessive flexion of the lumbar spine is also a risk in seated twists and flexion combined with rotation puts particular force on the spinal discs.

Sitting with the hips up on a folded blanket can help. Props such as blocks or pillows can be used

Twisting with the straight Spine is safe practice

Pressing arms/ shoulders into the floor.

In seated twists, the teacher should instruct students not to use their arms to force themselves into a more aggressive twist.

A preparatory floor pose can give support to the spine and prevent excessive flexion.

Contra indications and limitations :

They are not suitable to the pregnant women

People suffering from hypertension and cardio vascular disorders should be asked to practice under the competent guidance so as to find the suitable poses for them.

These are avoided in any previous injuries of the joints or any surgical conditions of the abdominal region.

Benefits of twisting poses :

They have wide range of therapeutic and health benefits , when practiced with regularly adopting the healthy lifestyle and food habits . The flowing are the few of the advantages of twisting poses

  1. Squeezing of the blood stagnation in the abdominal region enhances the digestive capacity
  2. The peristaltic activity is stimulated.
  3. Alternative compression and relaxation helps to increase the lung capacity
  4. Best possible range of movements with different joints of the body is achieved.
  5. Boost the strength and flexibility of the spine along with the tone of spinal nerves.