Yoga For Women’s Health

First one should know that Yoga is not only physical exercise and breathing routine. It is much more than that. Yoga increases the mind-body awareness i.e. body is aware of the effects of its actions on mind and mind is aware of the effect of its actions on the body.

Today’s’ topic is the benefit of yoga for women or in other words the health benefits of yoga for women.

As related to men women have the risk of experiencing reproduction-related health problems. This happens during the fertile years after reaching puberty when there is a physiological change in a woman’s body. Also when the menstruation stops permanently i.e. menopause the period of transition can be quite challenging and yoga can help with the imbalances in these times.

During Menstruation

After reaching the reproductive age women experience emotional and physiological change every month which comes with the menstrual cycle. The mood swings and emotions can sway and also some physical changes like tender breasts, fatigue and bloating. With regular yogic practice, the nerves are calmed and the body is relaxed which helps in facing the changes in a better manner.


Yoga is like an elixir for women giving birth to a child. Prenatal Yoga Poses have been found to be extremely effective in managing the pregnancy with all its problems. When you take a prenatal Yoga teacher training course you are able to keep the stress and anxiety away which is a major problem in pregnant days.

After giving birth yoga helps to increase the flexibility and decrease weight which is gained during pregnancy.


Menopause is the stage when the woman’s body loses fertility. During these times two hormones progesterone and estrogen fluctuate. This goes on for at least close to five years where women can experience a lack of energy, pain and hot flashes. These symptoms can be reduced by using yoga as a guided path to increasing the quality of life.

So, yoga can be used to increase the flexibility of the body as well as the mind. In the ever-changing modern world being healthy is not a luxury but a necessity. Also with increasing levels of pollution women need to be at their fittest to face all what is coming !!!

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