15 Amazing Benefits of Veepareet Karani Asana


Veepareet Karani Asana or topsy turvy pose is one of the members of the Inverted poses which are part of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum.  Due to the assistance of the gravitation force, they play wonderful role for the health of the mind and body using the improved venous return  mechanisms on the body.

It is one of the important yoga techniques practiced in most of the Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India.The regular practice of topsy turvy pose under the competent guidance with proper life style and food habits will be of great help to bring the following benefits.

  1. Healthy Digestion: The digestive organs receive the effect of the rich supply of the blood circulation due to the reversed position of the body. This is useful for the massaging of the digestive organs for the best possible digestion.
  2. Nourishment: The enhanced condition of the blood stream is of great help to improve the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients by the body in order to bring the quality nourishment.
  3. Respiration: The lungs receive the rich blood supply and massaging effect along with good strength of the diaphragm muscle. This enhances the lung capacity and brings the good health of the respiratory system.
  4. Circulation: Similar to the lungs, the heart and muscles of the cardio vascular system are benefited by this pose for the health of cardiovascular system for better circulation.
  5. Purification: The improved venous return brings the best drainage which brings out various toxins and impurities for the process of purification. This is great impact for the natural detoxification of the body through the Yoga poses.
  6. Spinal Health: The Spinal column is great energy channel. The improved circulation tones all the spinal nerves, brings the discal nutrition and proper alignment so that the general strength and flexibility for the optimum spinal health is maintained.
  7. Core Strength: Inverted poses are of great help in the development of the core strength.
  8. Stress Management: This pose is useful to induce deep sense of calmness and serenity which is helpful for the effective stress management and the promotion of quality sleep pattern for restorative effects on the mind and body.
  9. Balance: The pose improves the sense of balance, concentration and memory along with other cognitive capacities because of the better neuro muscular co ordination for the mind and body.
  10. Spiritual Effects on Chakras: The sublimation of the energy contributes for the opening of different energy channels for the awakening of Kundalilini Shakti.
  11. Senses Organs Co ordination: Owing to the better co ordination of the motor organs and sense organs, these poses are important to play the prominent role in the Promotion of the functional capacity of the senses organs.
  12. Peristaltic Activity: This asana promotes the process of peristalsis which is an effective antidote for the prevention of Constipation and many other digestive disorders.
  13. Varicose Veins: The drainage of the blood is also helpful to relieve the varicose veins  which are  more commonly affecting the people who have the long standing working profile.
  14. Piles: The common afflictions of the root such as piles, hemorrhoids are relieved by the inverted poses.
  15. Thyroid: The impact on Vishuddhi  chakra in the throat center brings the balance on the function of the thyroid gland which plays healthy role in the metabolism  and for the maintaining  of  the Ideal body weight too.