Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali -an Art and Science of Holistic Health and Wellbeing


Yoga is one of the richest heritages of India. This spiritual discipline from the ancient time is well-known for the promotion of the physical and mental health. The hectic research work on the principles and practices of yoga over the last century has shown the huge potentiality to use the Classical Curriculum of Ashtanga Yoga as a means for attaining the holistic health and wellness. It has been a great contribution for the healthcare system around the world in the prevention of psychosomatic and many of the lifestyle diseases. The purifying aspects of Yoga are used to eliminate various levels of impurities which are most common causes of the disorders of the mind and body.

Holistic health is comprehensive approach on the applications of Yoga philosophy and practices with an objective achieve a more productive and meaningful life.

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