Spiritual Tourism in India

As you walk through the lanes of India you will find idolization of god in all possible forms. Chances are everywhere you go you will find a temple, a gurudwara, a mosque or a church which symbolizes spirituality and religion. For thousands of years, India, which is the most spiritually enriched place on the planet, […]

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Travel to Rishikesh

Sunset view of Ganga

Rishikesh indeed is a heavenly abode. Rightly termed rishikesh the locks of rishis it is a place to learn about your own soul. I have been living in Ghaziabad for long and was told by my friends that I should visit the place in a weekend. I got a chance in third week of november […]

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The Magic of Rishikesh

Rishikesh has traditionally been a place for Yoga. Meditation by Yogis has been done here for thousands of years. Yogic Trance and infamous use of cannabis have been associated with Yogis. But folks it is not true at all. Yoga totally bans the use of intoxicants. So if you are coming to this enigmatic place […]

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