Yoga and the Modern World

Yoga is one among the six classical systems of Indian Philosophy. Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali is the oldest textbook of Yoga. The metaphysics of the Samkhya Philosophy was meticulously structured and explained in the text in order to understand the fundamental causes of the miseries or the sufferings of the mankind.  The principles and […]

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Women Health and Yoga

Experts over the years have recommended yoga for women to help them easily pass through the mountain of demands and needs scribbled on their daily task list. It won’t be wrong to say that women are expected to multi-task all the time. They start their day by being the perfect homemaker, followed by their professional […]

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Preliminary Yoga – Development of Strong Will power, Intelligence and Emotions

  The great Sage Maharshi Patanjali explains the practical preparation to be successful in the Journey of Yoga in the form of preliminary preparation of Practical Yoga in his classical work of Patanjala Yoga Sutras as, Tapah Svadhyaya Ishwara Paranidhanani Kriya Yogah   [Chapter II.1] Austerity, Self study and surrendering to the supreme forms the preliminary […]

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Harmony in life through Yoga

Yoga brings harmony

You must have heard about the fact that Yoga is more than just physical exercise. It is more of spiritual and meditative practice which helps to change the lifestyle. But for understanding the practice better you should sign up for beginner’s classes for yoga as yoga is better understood under the tutelage of a practicing […]

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The Seven Chakras in the Human Body


The chakras in Yoga are very important. Even modern medical science has now acknowledged the importance of these points present in human body. There are seven chakras in our body. In meditation the chakras are very important. They are the centers of energy in our body. In a perfect state the seven chakras should be open and […]

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