Procedure and Benefits of Mayurasana

Mayura means Peacock. This asana is so called because its final pose resembles a peacock with full plumage.  Mayurasana is also renowned for its capacity to eliminate toxins from the body. Hence the name. Technique: Sit in Squatting position. Place the palms on the ground with slightly curving fingers pointing backward. Keep the elbows just near […]

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Yoga Asana; Its Practice and Benefits Part-II

Contd. From Part -I Procedure Disciplining of the body is brought by the practice of the Yoga Asanas .The practice of Yoga Asanas are always practiced with awareness and relaxation, Sage Patanjali defines the practice methodlogy of a Yoga pose in his Yoga Sutras as “Pratyatana Shaithilya AnantaSamapattibhyam” 2:47 “Relaxation with efforts & Concentration on […]

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Kriyas : The Cleansing Techniques of Yoga

KRIYA The True Meaning

Ayurveda has defined three doshas of the body, which are actually constituents of the body. Human body is made up of three doshas – Vata Dosha – Constituents of the body responsible for mechanical functioning. Pitta Dosha – Constituents of the body controlling the chemical functioning and make up. Kapha Dosha – Constituents which comprise […]

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