Yoga and Digestive Disorders Part – II

Continued from Part-I The Practice of Yoga helps to restore the lost health of the digestive system and prevents many of the disorders associated with digestion. Preventive, Promotive and curative aspects of Yoga as natural health care measures contribute a lot for the best possible health of the digestive system.  The Yogic principles and practices […]

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Kriyas : The Cleansing Techniques of Yoga

KRIYA The True Meaning

Ayurveda has defined three doshas of the body, which are actually constituents of the body. Human body is made up of three doshas – Vata Dosha – Constituents of the body responsible for mechanical functioning. Pitta Dosha – Constituents of the body controlling the chemical functioning and make up. Kapha Dosha – Constituents which comprise […]

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