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Surya Namaskar the whole body exercise

surya namaskara

Surya Namaskar is instant yoga to keep whole body fit. It also keeps the mind calm and active. It is a set of 9 yoga asnas which is a great cardio-vascularworkout. Lets get to business of knowing these postures in brief. Pranayam – Standing with folded hands and relaxing yourThe asana requires standing with a straight backbone, relaxed …

Meaning of Yoga and Asanas

Basic Yoga Asanas

Yoga is seen as a form of exercise which has immense physical benefits. Is it merely stretching and exercise? Are the Asanas simply poses? Well, the answer to both these questions is a big “NO”. Yogic practices are about exploring the mystery in our body, and it is a life-long procedure. Asanas similarly are not …

Yajna and its significance in Yoga


Yajna (Fire Ceremony) is done before starting any kind of teaching in India. The same is done before a batch starts in Yoga teacher training at Ojashvi. So what is the significance of this ceremony and how is it connected to Yoga? For that we need to know this very interesting fact. A Yajna Kund …