Concept of Mental Health In Patanjala Yoga Sutras

In the modern days Mental Health disorders have been a major Social, Medical and Scientific problem. Moreover, these disorders are predisposing factor for many other psychiatric disorders including phobia, obsession, aggression, inferiority substance use disorders, suicide, mood disorders, impulse control disorders, eating disorders and anxiety disorders.

Mental Health Problems are multi-factorial disorders which are associated with many other Psycho-neurological problems.

As mental health disorders are on the rise throughout the world, much importance has been given in modern times to their prevention.

Yoga Philosophy and Yoga practices are known to play significant role in the development of Mental Health as well as in the treatment and prevention of mental Health Problems. This Article focuses on the preventive, Promotive and curative aspects of the Patanjala Yoga Sutras   in treating and preventing Mental Health Disorders as well as the development of healthy  Personality and Behaviour.

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