Concepts of Food in Bagavad Gita

Food is the reality which helps to attain the reality ,says the ancient text Annasukta .Bagavada Gita is one of the great text which imparts the wisdom of healthy lifestyle and food habits which are conducive to the attaining  the positive health of the mind and body. 200 hours Yoga teacher training course imparts the principles of healthy diet which are explained in the Gita .

Diet and Nutrition is essential for Healthy food culture which is important for the preservation and promotion of the sound health which is inculcated through the proper quality and quantity of the food along with the state of the mind while having the food.  Based on the outcome of the quality of the  food , it is classified as Satwik , Rajasik and Tamasik  in nature .


Rasayaaha srigghaaha sthiraa hridyaa aahaaraaha saativikapriyaaha (B G.17:8)

Satwika food is very conducive to the state of meditation and brings the tranquility. This type of food helps to increase the lifespan brings the purification of the mind and body enhances the strength, contributes for good health and happiness as well as cheerfulness and good appetite.

Such foods lead to a calm, alertness and, at the same time, a state of quite energy. They provide a precise balance of nourishment and create no undue waste helping the body to feel the light and well being.

Secondly , It explains about the Rajasik food which is mainly indulging in too much physical activity

Katuvamlalavanaatyusna teekshna rookshavidaahinaha Aahaaraa raajasasyeshtaa duhkhashokaamayapradaaha” (BG.17:9)

Food that is bitter, sour, steaming hot, pungent, and dry are considered as Rajasik as theses tastes predominantly bring a great deal of stimulation in body metabolism on account of their nature of the tastes because of the combined effects of each of the elements responsible for the taste experience. Rajasik food stimulates the nervous system and speeds up metabolic process in the body. By nature they keep the mind in restless condition and indulge more in physical activity.

The third type of the food is called as Tamasik food  which briefed in the following sutra of the Bagavad gita  as

Yaatayaamam gatarasam pootiparyushitam ca yat Ucchishtam api caa medhyam bhojanam taamasapriyam” (B.G.17:10)

 This type of food is considered to be  devoid of taste and essence, foul smelling, stale, left-over, impure and dead food. Energy and vitality are almost absent in such food as well as the mind and body experience the state of dullness and lethargy. The functioning gets sluggish and diseases of degeneration occurs due to such food.

Hence,   it is important to nourish the mind and body through the  healthy food .