Essentials of Energetic Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga


Traditional Indian medicine and the philosophical systems have extensively used the concept of subtle energy for holistic health and well-being. Energetic Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga plays a prominent role in the development of the practices of Yoga Therapy.

The essentials of this study involve the elements of the nature, the energy centers, channels of energy, vital forces, the body humor and the structural arrangements in the form of sheaths.

Yoga psychology shows the patterns of energy expressions which are taking place through the interactions of all these principles. They have the relevant influences in the outline of our perceptions, thinking, emotions, and behavior and in the whole personality. The erratic expressions are known to produce the stress and diseased conditions. Coherence among these elements leads to health and happiness.

Practices of Ayurveda and Yoga are the two ancient systems known for the holistic health and wellness from several centuries. The evolvement of the aspects of our personality in various dimensions through the long-term dedicated practices of yoga and its principles for the expression of the energy in the harmony for the health of mind and body.

Hatha yoga curriculum is one of the rich wisdom of the Indian yoga masters. Different modules of this fundamental school of yoga are having potentialities to regularize the functions of anatomy and physiology of subtle energy. The knowledge on these concepts is helpful for yoga teacher and practitioner to assess the problems and can apply the suitable yoga training modules to achieve the good health. Read More…