Global Perspectives of Yoga Teacher Training in India  

Folks from all around the world hover to many destinations in India, and tourism is not their reason. They come for knowing about Yoga and most of them join a Yoga School and take up yoga course. But why do these folks come from thousands of miles away to India. The reason is health and peace through Yoga. Modern medical science has failed to live up to the concept of health, while Yoga with rich knowledge gathered by sadhaks for thousands of years is coming to the rescue. Yoga is much beyond exercise of the body. In fact, the perspective of Yoga is to bring balance to the whole cosmos and beings living in it. So, when you are practicing Yoga, you are actually helping the world. India is one of the most popular destinations for the practitioners of yoga around the world. Now let us come to the question in focus, Why India?

  • People from Abroad are in awe of India – Yes that’s true of India. People from foreign countries come to India with an image that goes away when they land in India. I met an American couple while away with my family to Agra, and they loved India and its hospitality, and yes they talked about Yoga.
  • Yoga Knowledge base is in India – One can only experience Yoga in India, as much of the treasure trove lies right here. Maharishi Patanjali incorporated this knowledge, and many following Yoga Gurus enhanced and spread this throughout the world. But coming to India and doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course here is a different experience altogether. Add to that the experience of meeting some real yogis in the Himalayas and India is the place for Yoga tourism.
  • Yoga Schools in India are the Best in the World – Beatles came to India to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s’ ashram in Rishikesh. You will get the settings of a serene Ashram in most of the Yoga schools which maintain world-class standards.
  • You get so many Varieties in India – Yes, I am talking about the different Yoga branches like Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar. These are the outcome of research and lifelong work of many dedicated Yoga masters and gurus from India. You will not get so many kinds of Yoga anywhere in the world. Read more