Guru Poornima, Its celebrations and Importance


Guru poornima is an important day in the traditional culture of India as well as Nepal and most of the places around the world. The celebrations take place on the full moon of Ashada month which generally comes between June and July. This year the festival is celebrated on 27th July around the world.

The festival is celebrated to mark the importance of the Guru, the master in our life. The Word Guru means one who removes the darkness or ignorance in our life. Through his grace and wisdom we are able to free ourselves from the bondages of the sufferings and miseries in the life which are the result of the ignorance. The knowledge imparted by the masters will be of great help in the path of enlightenment.

According to the ancient tradition of Buddhism, it is   the day which is celebrated in the honor of Lord Buddha who gave teachings in the form of Noble truth for the elimination of the sufferings with the help of eight fold path and the meditation technique like Vipassana practice .His teachings have been of the great help in the development of the moral principles for the health and harmony of the society.

In the Yogic tradition, this day has prominent significance right from the ancient Indian history, Lord  Shiva  who is the first master of Yoga believed to have shared his teachings to the Seven Sages for the propagation and promotion of the teachings of Yoga for the  welfare of the mankind . He is considered as the first teacher of the Curriculum of Hatha Yoga.

The concept of the Guru is also explained in the form of Ishwara  in the Yoga Philosophy of Sage Patanjali  as an important means of concentration. The importance of the  Guru Shishya Parampara in India is continued from the Vedic period. The relationship of the Master-student experience is from the period of Veda Vyasa and even today it is well maintained and established connection among the Indian Yoga Masters and their students as well as many of the spiritual masters and their disciples.

On this day various meaningful events take place across the world to remember  the teachings of the Guru with the feelings of the dedication and surrendering in order to express their gratitude. Discourses and spiritual workshops, trainings will be arranged for the benefits of the members of the tradition.  The students offer the offerings to their masters and serve the society as per the teachings of the masters for the welfare of the humanity with love and devotion.