Indian Yoga Masters

Yoga Masters

India is the land of diversity. Different cultures and religions are where you will find the soul of this country. While this diversity may differentiate people from one another, one thing that never differentiates on the basis of culture and religion is the ancient Practice of Yoga. It won’t be wrong to say that yoga has been a crucial aspect of the Indian culture and Indian yoga gurus have over the years spread and showcased our cultural heritage in the form of yoga all over the world without any discrimination.

Yoga is the oldest psychosomatic training known to man. It includes the principles and practices which are helpful in the regulation of mental modifications in order to achieve the harmony in the life. The contribution of Indian Yoga masters for this Ancient Tradition is enormous. These yogis devised the teaching methodology on the basis of the scientific aspects. They carried a hectic research to assess the efficacy of Yoga practices for the promotion of positive health and prevention of the diseases. This work has been a great significance in the therapeutical circles to support and promote the health care system

Indian Yoga masters developed the literature of the subject and revived the ancient Yogic traditions through their teachings and brought International recognition for yoga. Traditional lineages of Yoga are developed across the country by many yogis and their ashrams or institutions. Rishikesh in Himalayas is one most the revered destination for the many sages and saints of the country for their intense sadhana on Yogic practices. Read More About Yoga Masters