Kapalbhati – An introduction to the Frontal Lobe Cleansing


Kapalbhati is the most popular cleansing technique  in yogic kriyas. According to the “Gheranda Sanhita”   the word kapalbhati is made of two  words “kapal” means skull or head and “bhati” is lighting illuminating. In the Gheranda samhita  there are three types of kapalbhati.
1. vatakarma kapalbhati
2. vyutkarma kapalbhati
3. sheet karma kapalbhati

We will try and take up each kind in the next posts.

Procedure of kapalbhati practice
– The sitting posture is padmasana a posture where the spine is straight and one leg is over the other.
– Now inhale deeply through both nostrils so that lungs are full with air.
– The last part is to exhale through both nostril forcefully. A hissing sound should come while you exhale.

During a Kapalbhati session we have to be aware that stomach should go deep inside and the most importantly we should assume that all impurities and toxins  of body as well as mind are exhaled. The feeling is as important as the physical exercise. We should feel pressure in our stomach as we exhale.
If we want better result we should keep on practicing.

Benefits of kapalbhati practice

  • It improves the blood circulation.
  • Adds glaze  and beauty on face.
  • It can cure all intestinal problem.
  • It helps to control over unwanted ripples of mind.
  • It helps to reduce stress.

Note : Kapalbhati is prohibited for those patients who are suffering from blood pressure, heart disease and epilepsy.