Mantra and Mind Management


Human mind by nature have the fluctuations all the time.  These distractions are barriers for the mental concentration and peace of mind. Some time these disturbances can lead to various mental health problems. The regulation of the fluctuations of the mental modifications is an important process in order to harness the potentiality of our mind for enhancing the cognitive capacity and concentration.

A mantra is one of the great companions to control the mind. The mantra chanting is one of the most loved techniques of the Yoga Teacher Training Course in India. Mantras are the sacred syllables and they are said to overcome the obsession of the mind. They create the vibrations in the form of sound waves. In this medium, they express the sound energy and capable to unlock the hidden potentiality using the particular amplitude and frequency during chanting.

The ancient yogis of India who followed the principles and practices of hatha yoga curriculum applied the science of the sound through the mantra chanting for the promotion of mental health and to channelize the dormant energy. The concept of the Kundalini Yoga is a special contribution to the effective application of mantras for an evolution of the mind for higher spiritual dimensions.

Traditional teachings of Sage Patanajali in the Yoga Philosophy reveals that the chanting of the mantra is meant for the self-realization and this will be useful to overcome the List of Obstacles for the path of concentration as well as the prevention of the consequences of the hindrances.

Mantra chanting brings the various physiological changes in our mind and body complex. The prolonged exhalation in the process stimulates the dominance of parasympathetic activities of the nervous system which results in tranquility and peace of mind. The brain waves also get shifted to alpha dominance which are the reflections of the feelings of well being and the relaxed conditions of our mind and body.

The mantra chanting is practiced in three levels, loud, whisper and mental. When the mind is highly disturbed loud chanting is preferred and mental level is practiced when it is in the peaceful state.

There are lots of health benefits from the regular chanting of mantras with the feeling of sincerity and proper discipline. Few of them are as follows.

  • It is useful for the promotion of mental health.
  • Relives the tendencies of anxiety, depression and frustration.
  • An effective tool for the emotional stability.
  • Enhances the peace of mind, calmness and serenity.

Improves the concentration, memory and attention.