Meditation for Prevention of Psychosomatic Diseases and Mental Health


Psychosomatic diseases are increasing in the modern life on account of chronic stress and irregular lifestyle and emotional conflicts. The surge on such health issues are of serious concerns of the mental health also. For peace of mind and inner harmony in order to lead the blissful life mental health plays an important role. Anxiety, frustration, depression and many other serious emotional disturbances affect the mental peace and result in various psychosomatic diseases such as hypertensions, insomnia etc.

The practice of meditation is an effective means to harness the physical, mental and emotional health. The techniques of meditation are practiced from several thousands of years and they have been successful in fulfilling the objectives of the human welfare in the larger interest. The practice of  asana,pranayama and healthy lifestyle and food habits are helpful preparation for the proper practice of meditation.

Meditation is the seventh limb of the Curriculum of Ashtanga Yoga. Patanjala Yoga Sutras defines the technique as the unbroken flow of the awareness on an object of meditation. There are various health benefits of the regular practice of meditation which are effective in dealing with the psychosomatic health issues. These practices are useful in the restoration of the harmony of the mind and body in which they help in tuning the psycho–physiological functions for the establishment of the homeostasis or the state of equilibrium.

The practice helps to diffuse the physical tensions which generally lead to muscle stiffness and tensions. There is better neuromuscular co ordination. The practitioner can enjoy the stable autonomic nervous system. The power of meditation is of great help in tackling the afflictions which are the root causes of human miseries in a structured path way. It also serves the objectives of mental purification on regular basis.

Apart from many physiological benefits such as improved sleep quality, healthy digestion, there are psychological advantages like improved concentration, attention and memory by the practice of meditation. The role of meditation is highly valuable in the development of the proper behavior and personality as the technique is deeply connected with the thought patterns, emotions and their interactions in our daily life with our environment.

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