Mind Control Through the Practice of Mantra Chanting


Peace of mind is one of the most precious treasures of the life. One pointedness is the essential requisition of attaining the inner harmony for the serenity of the mind. But the very nature of the mind is distracting on account of the fluctuating thought patterns. In order to bring the mind to the state of concentration, there are various techniques in Yoga Training Course.

Mantra chanting is one of the most effective, simplest and safest methods for the mind control. The mantra is a syllable which creates the energy field through the medium of the sound in the form of sound waves.

The frequency of these sound waves creates the rhythmic repeated vibrations on the realm of the mental experiences which are helpful for the expansion of our consciousness.

Philosophy of Mantra
The Curriculum of Yoga Philosophy such a Patanjali Yoga Sutras( PYS I.28 and 29 ) recommends the practices of the Pranava japa or Om mantra chanting in order to improve the concentration and remove the list of the obstacles in the path of the practice. Similarly, Shiva yoga deepikaa of Sadashiva Brahmendra Saraswati considers Mantra yoga as one among the important Schools of Yoga (S.Y.D: I, 5)

The Process of Mantra Chanting
The Chanting practice can take place in the three following ways or with the combination.

  1. Loud Chanting: The mantra is clearly and loudly pronounced which is helpful when the mind is in distraction.
  2. Whispering: In this practice, the articulation of the sound takes only at the lips level
  3. Mental level Chanting: when the mind has attained calmness, This is more subtle and powerful.

Physiology of Mantra Chanting
The mantra chanting involves the process of prolonged exhalation which brings a shift in the dominance of our parasympathetic nerves system activities which are more connected with the physiological experiences of the rest and repair.The chanting process also alters the brain waves pattern dominating the Alpha waves which are associated with a feeling of well being, peace of mind. There is a decrease in the rate of respiration. The tranquil state of the mind through these changes achieves the mental purification.

Benefits of Mantra Chanting
Mantra chanting brings enormous psycho-physiological benefits to boost the health of the mind and body. Regular practice is helpful;

  1. To promote the mental health, peace of mind, serenity.
  2. To enhance the cognitive capacities such as memory, concentration, attention.
  3. To purify the environment with the positive vibrations.
  4. To increase the lung capacity.
  5. To relieve the anxiety, depression, and frustration.
  6. For the effective stress management and the emotional stability.