Kapalbhati – An introduction to the Frontal Lobe Cleansing


Kapalbhati is the most popular cleansing technique  in yogic kriyas. According to the “Gheranda Sanhita”   the word kapalbhati is made of two  words “kapal” means skull or head and “bhati” is lighting illuminating. In the Gheranda samhita  there are three types of kapalbhati. 1. vatakarma kapalbhati 2. vyutkarma kapalbhati 3. sheet karma kapalbhati We will try […]

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Matasya asana

Introduction:Nomenclature of the posture In Sanskrit the word Matsya means fish. The final pose of this asana resembles the shape of a fish. Hence the name. It is an excellent position for floating in water for prolonged periods of time. Classical reference of the posture: Muktapadmasanam krtva uttanasayanam caret Kurparabhyam sivo vestyam rogaghanam Matsyamasanam Assuming […]

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