PADMASANA Importance of name. Padmasana is one of the meditative postures, and it resembles a shape of a lotus.  In Sanskrit padma means lotus.  Sometimes it is also called Kamalasana. Hatha Pradipika says: Vamorupari daksinam ca caranam samsthapya vamam tatha daksorupari,pascimena vidhina dhrtva karabhyam dradham/ angusthau,hradaye nidhaya cibukam nasagramalokayet etadvyadhivinasakari yaminam padmasanam procyate// H.P.I.44 Scriptures […]

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Concept of Mental Health In Patanjala Yoga Sutras


In the modern days Mental Health disorders have been a major Social, Medical and Scientific problem. Moreover, these disorders are predisposing factor for many other psychiatric disorders including phobia, obsession, aggression, inferiority substance use disorders, suicide, mood disorders, impulse control disorders, eating disorders and anxiety disorders. Mental Health Problems are multi-factorial disorders which are associated […]

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The Magic of Rishikesh


Rishikesh has traditionally been a place for Yoga. Meditation by Yogis have been done here for thousands of years. Yogic Trance and infamous use of cannabis has bin associated with Yogis. But folks it is not true at all. Yoga totally bans use of intoxicants. So if you are coming to this enigmatic place for […]

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