Pranayama: An Energetic Practice of Hatha Yoga for Enhancing Vitality

Pranayama is one of the most dynamic principles in the Curriculum of Hatha Yoga. This is the fourth limb of Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali. The techniques of pranayama are quite effective and powerful to harness the energy of our system in order to develop the vitality for our mind and body.

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The word Pranayama is composed of words, Prana means Vital force and Ayama is its expansion. This is the practice of expansion of the vital force through the regulation of the speed of our inhalation and exhalation in the process of respiration. The practice is useful to bring the steadiness in the breath which is an essential means of mind control.

Concept of prana is the most ancient teaching found in Atharva Veda.  The practice of praising this prana is found in various ancient scriptures because of its huge impacts on our mind and body. This technique helps in the preparation of the mind for the higher spiritual practices such as meditation.

 Regular practice of Pranayama brings various health benefits to the practitioner. The subtle energy channels in the body are blocked due to many of the imbalances in our emotions, which eventually dissipate lots of vital energy. These blockages are cleared for the free flow of the energy in the system. The purified nadi enhance the digestive capacity, brings the balance in humors of the body. They improve the physiological and biochemical activities of our different systems. The enhanced blood circulation in the practice contributes for effective elimination of the toxins from the body and assimilation of the nutrients which are enriched with good supply of oxygen.

They play a prominent role in the therapautical applications of Yoga as they are useful in overcoming internal disturbances in the pranic body to keep the mind and body free from the disease. They contribute for the promotion of physical and mental health in addition to the stability of the emotions.

There five vital forces and eight classical pranayama techniques in Hatha Yoga for the purification of mind and body which are packed with various health benefits. Read More