Prathyahara; The Foundation for the Inner Peace and Harmony


Yoga philosophy is great contribution for the global peace and harmony which begins from the experience of each of the individual practitioners who bring the essential principles and practices of this noble science of self realization in their daily life.

Prathyahara is the fifth limb of Ashtanga Yoga, which is great foundation for the inner peace and harmony in the life. The word Prathyahara is translated as the withdrawal of the senses from their sensory objects. It is great practice for each of the students of Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh.

The efforts of concentration and one pointedness are successful when the mind attains the ability of controlled condition. This is always possible with the great support of the senses. The regulation of the senses is an important and science in order to discipline the mind. The senses by very nature are always outward in contact with their objects of experiences. This contact is serving as means of the continuous source of distraction for the focus and concentration of the mind.

Disciplining the sense organs is brought by the techniques of Prathyahara , like Yoga Nidra ,Inner silence or Antar  Mouna, which are helpful to  systematically train the senses to be disinclined towards their sources of enjoyments and this habitual change gradually allows the them to follow the mind  as its sincere obedient.

Prathyahara practice brings the efficient mastery on the sense organs so that they can always boost the mental energy for higher yoga practices like concentration and meditation etc. There is significant effect of the changing of the witnessing attitude of our senses and their experiences with the possible outcome on the mind and emotions.

There are wonderful health benefits of the practice of Prathyahara. The techniques are good for;

  1. Development of the best possible mental and emotion health.
  2. Improvement of the memory, concentration and attention.
  3. The effective stress management and anger management.
  4. Harnessing the witnessing qualities to train our behavior patterns.
  5. Prevention of various psychosomatic diseases arising out of conflict and stress.
  6. Inducing deep sense of relaxation on mental and emotional levels.
  7. The Foundation of the inner peace and harmony in the life
  8. Enhancing the creativity, intellect and decision making ability.
  9. Achiement of the sense regulation for the best cognitive capacities.
  10. Dynamic personality with the feelings of compassion and kindness.

Theses techniques needs to mastered under the guidance of the competent yoga masters with proper lifestyle and food habits with sufficient preparation of the prior practices of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum such as Asana and Pranayama.