Preliminary Yoga – Development of Strong Will power, Intelligence and Emotions


Preliminary Yoga – Development of Will power, Intelligence and Emotions
Preliminary Yoga – Development of Will power, Intelligence and Emotions

The great Sage Maharshi Patanjali explains the practical preparation to be successful in the Journey of Yoga in the form of preliminary preparation of Practical Yoga in his classical work of Patanjala Yoga Sutras as,

Tapah Svadhyaya Ishwara Paranidhanani Kriya Yogah   [Chapter II.1]

Austerity, Self study and surrendering to the supreme forms the preliminary Yoga.

A Yoga Practitioner without self discipline cannot attain the success in the Practice of Yoga.

Kriya Yoga explains the triple Self Discipline as,

  • Austerity : An intense practice of Purification of the mind and Body which helps to develop a strong will power of the practitioner
  • Self-Study: The practice of the Self-study enhances the intellect
  • Devotion: Surrendering to the Supreme Source is helpful in cultivating the emotions

The Impurities are purified by the intense practice of these tripods of the practical yoga in order to develop the three aspects of human personality – Will Power, Intelligence and Stable emotions.

These practices of Kriya Yoga helps to develop the mental purity, pleasant condition of the mind ,single pointed ness and qualification for reaching the higher goal of Yoga Sadhana.

The destructions of the Impurities are helpful in achieving the perfection and control on the senses organs and on the body. It has been strongly recommended to practice the undisturbed course of Self Purification in order to establish the purity of the mind and body. Apart from achieving the best possible psychosomatic health these practices are ensuring the peace of mind to the practitioner of Yoga.

Harmony of the mind and the body is an important aspect to develop the productivity and coping skills to lead stress free life.

Afflictions are reduced on account of the practices of these preliminaries of Yoga.