Prevention and Management of Back Pain Through Yoga Practices

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for the visits of physicians in the sedentary and semi-sedentary lifestyle. Chronic low back pain cases are known for the higher absenteeism in the workplace and reduction of the workforce productivity. People suffering from this disorder experience the physical, psychological and emotions difficulties. Yoga is the ancient discipline for attaining the best possible psychosomatic health. Various research works have shown that Applications of Yoga Practices are helpful in the prevention and management of the back pain.

Depending on the duration of the history of the back pain episodes, it is classified as acute, subacute and chronic pain. The characteristics of the painful experience may be as dull ache, shooting or piercing pain or burning sensation. Sometimes the radiation of the pain takes place towards hands and legs.

The human spine has five segments and the pain can take place in of these parts. But the most commonly affecting parts are  lumbar and cervical reason as lower back pain and neck pain respectively.

They are as follows

  • Cervical- Neck pain
  • Thoracic-Middle Back Pain
  • Lumbar- Lower Back pain
  • Sacral
  • Coccyx

The common causes of Back Pain are attributed to the “strain” or “sprain” of the muscles in the lumbar portion. Herniated disk and degenerative changes triggers the pain inflammatory conditions of arthritis.

The management of the pack pain is achieved through medicines such as anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID’s), Narcotic Pain Relievers, Muscle Relaxants. The affected persons are advised to have one or two days of bed rest if necessary

Yoga practices including asana, pranayama and relaxation techniques are very useful in the prevention and management of the Back pain. Inculcating the active Physical activity and healthy lifestyle with the consideration of the principles of diet and nutrition plays an important role in the achievement of the spinal health. The structured modules of the Yoga Training Course  are effective remedies for the back pain.The following five asana are helpful for the strength of the spinal column and to relieve the pain.

Vajarsana is a meditative pose which is helpful to induce the deep level relaxation and maintains the traction necessary for the spinal column. This mechanism relieves the stiffness and muscle tensions across the whole spine. The upright position of the spine in this posture corrects the postural disorders which are most common factors for the back pain.

This asana as the name suggests is good for the relief for the blockages due to the Apana vayu in various joints and internal organs. The spine receives an optimum stretch during this practice. This allows maintaining the discal space and nutrition through improved bold circulation in the spinal nerves.

Crocodile pose is an effective practice for brining the psychosomatic relaxation to the practitioner. The back pain has an impact of the stress which in turn builds the tightness and stiffness across the spinal column .The prone line position of the body in this pose contributes for the relief from these tense parts of the spine. Rhythmic breathing with abdominal awareness brings the efficiency in the effective management of the pain. The pose is good for the problems of Sciatica, slipped disc and cervical pain.

Cobra pose is a very effective asana for the improvement of the strength in the cervical .thoracic and lumbar region .The extension activity of the spine in this poses helps to restores the spinal elasticity and strength. The muscles are stretched and the flexibility of the spine is improved through the practice. The pose is great relief for the neck pain and lumbar pain.

This pose is great relief for the problems of neck and lower back pain. The alignment of the spinal vertebrae, the cervical extension and the effect of the traction in the pose relieves the stiffness in the neck and the lower part of the spine.

In addition to these Asana practice, the other Yoga modules are also beneficial in the prevention and management of the back pain.