Principles and Practice of Yoga Asanas and Their Health Benefits

Yoga Asana is one of the eight limbs in Patanjala Yoga. It is an important means of the disciplining the mind and body as well as tool establish in the higher yoga practices such as pranayama,prathyahara and concentration.

The practice of Asana requires the proper discipline and guidance in order to establish the solid ground in the technique. These principles are includes the long term practice without any interruptions with firm dedication.

Around the world millions of people, practice asana on daily basis to enjoy the good health and happiness in the life. This is an important module of Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

The stable and comfortable body position is called as Asana, this is useful in the establishment of the homeostasis conditions which are essential to bring the harmony of the mind and body.

The techniques of Asana are practiced with relaxation of the efforts with and awareness principle. They need to be practiced to the possible extent without any kind of undue exertions on the mind and body with regularity and sincerity. Healthy food habits and lifestyle are of great help in the successful practice.

The Asana practice employs the isometric movements which are taking place when we keep our joints in still condition.  The conservation of the energy  is maintained an thus helps in the prevention of  muscle fatigue .  Safe and supportive learning environment is conducive for the learning of yoga poses. The proper selection and sequencing of the poses contribute for the effective practice to reap the best results.

There are wonderful health benefits from the practices of Yoga poses. We can find the therapeautical, cultural and spiritual advantages from their practice. Yoga poses help in ensuring the mind and body free from the pairs of opposites or the dualities.

A properly selected protocol of Yoga poses improves the joints range of motion, brings the efficiency of the cardio respiratory system, and develops the strength and flexibility of the musculoskeletal system. The collective experience brings the best possible physical and mental health.

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