Principles of Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy

Healthy eating for a healthy living is an important practice of all times. It is more important for a pregnant woman to eat wisely for the special needs. The journey of pregnancy during three trimesters requires the proper exercise of the discipline in lifestyle and food habits to enjoy the process safely in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Prenatal Yoga Training is one of the important opportunities to inculcate the dietary discipline and healthy lifestyle. The practices and principles will be helpful to develop the active lifestyle, control the  excess weight gain and develop the ability for the effective stress management.

The principles and Diet and Nutrition are also helpful for the nourishment of the baby and expecting mother. Marco and micro nutrients which are suitable from different groups need to be taken at regular intervals. It is advised to have smaller meals at regular intervals instead of heavy meals with the longer time gap. The quality and quantity of the food along with mental state while eating contribute to the health of the mother and baby.

The science of nutrition deals with various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The dietary requirements of expecting mother will be varying on two factors throughout the entire gestational period. They are;

1) Diet in Pregnancy Based on the Issues of Expecting Mother
It is important pay attention to have sufficient vitamins and minerals. Iron is helpful to enhance the blood supply as it binds quickly with oxygen molecule. This is also necessary for the formation of chromo protein called as the hemoglobin. The deficiency can be cause for the disorders like anemia. Lentils, beans, beetroot and spinach are some of the iron rich foods.

Vitamin C is helpful in improving the immunity and iron absorption in the body. The vinegar, citrus fruits carrot, red capsicum dried fruits, nuts and fortified cereals are the good sources of this vitamin.Folic acid and Vitamin B12 are good to prevent neural tube defects and early miscarriage which are secured through the leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and milk.

Protein is another significant nutritional factor responsible for the building blocks of the body. Tofu, soya, legumes, eggs and milk are abundant sources of protein.

Calcium is required for the proper development for the bones and teeth. Milk, roots and tubers like radish are the good sources of Calcium. Vitamin D and C required for its absorption in the body. Other Minerals like sodium, Zinc Manganese are required to form the hairs and nails of the baby.

Fruits and Vegetables are the comprehensive sources of vitamins and minerals including the trace elements, choosing from the varieties from the seasonally available and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

2) Particular Health Problems Associated with Pregnancy in Each Trimester
The first trimester is having the health problems like acidity, nausea, constipation, increased head ache. Eating small and frequent meals is good option for preventing the tendency of vomiting. Ginger and gooseberry are also good to prevent this problem .Acidity can be regulated by the use of alkaline foods such as coconut water, watermelon, juice, mint and cauliflower, cabbage.

Fruits and vegetables in the forms of Salads which consists of rich amount of fiber and alkaline diet are very useful in the prevention of the constipation.

Second trimester brings the health problems like fatigue, food carvings or aversions, dizziness, increase in the water retention and blood pressure. Anti oxidants rich foods such as nuts and seeds are provided to boost the immunity which are basically used to bind with free radicals to neutralize the infection. Reduction of sugars in the form sucrose, fructose can be useful in the in the prevention of water retention in excess.

Third trimester brings the experiences of weight gain, shortness of breath flatulence, insomnia and swelling. Hotmilk, clarified butter salty porridge with vegetables are good for the enhancing the quality sleep. Sprouts, fruits and nuts which form the alkaline food which is rich source of minerals and vitamins are the good choices in this trimester.

The yoga practices like Asana, pranayama and meditation along with relaxation techniques are very good to promote the health and prevent the difficulties associated with pregnancy.