Procedure and Health Benefits of Vrikshasana


Tree is called as Vriksha in Sanskrit, and the asana means pose. The final position of the body in the asana looks like a tree. Hence it is known as tree pose.

Vrikshasana  is one of the balancing yoga poses.  Hatha Yoga Teacher Training curriculum introduces many of these poses which are useful in the harmony of the mind and body. These poses mainly influence cerebellum which is very important part of the brain to regulate the body mechanisms in motion. Practice of balancing yoga poses contribute for the better neuromuscular co ordination and conservation of energy in the system based and the mechanics of gravity and support when the body is in movement. The practice of steady gazing or drishti is one of the important Principles of Asana Practice for the stability of the mind and body.

Procedure of Tree pose.

  • Stand in Samasthithi, or Tadasana as beginning stage of the pose.
  • Exhaling bend the right knee and place the right foot on the root of the left thigh.
  • Inhaling, raise the arms up , join the palms
  • Looking straight, maintain the pose for 5 time breathings.
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side.

Benefits of Vrikshasana

The regular practice of Vriskshasana brings the following health benefits.

  1. This asana improves the sense of balance and harmony in the life.
  2. It is helpful in enhancing the memory, concentration and other cognitive capacities of the mind and mental health.
  3. Stabilizes the nervous systems and calms the mind by relieving anxiety and stress
  4. Brings the best possible neuro muscular co ordination
  5. Improves the strength and flexibility of the major joints of the legs and arms such hip ,knee  ankle and shoulder, elbow joints respectively.
  6. Improves postural health and relieves asymmetrical conditions of the body
  7. It is one of the best practices of hip opening.
  8. Tones of the pelvic floors and abdominal muscles.
  9. Quadriceps,calf muscles  of extended leg and hamstrings of flexed knee are strengthened alternatively in the pose.
  10. Relieves back pain and increase the lung capacity.

Limitations and contra indications

  • This posture is not suitable for people suffering from
  •  Varicose veins 
  • Vertigo
  • Hyper tension or any other CVDs
  • Insomnia

Vriskshasana is considered both as the balancing as well as hip opening pose. Beginners can try to practice this asana with the wall support or using the help of the chair.