Rishikesh – A Destination of Yoga Study in India

I have been teaching students in Rishikesh from around the world for close to a decade, and the experience is surreal to say the least. It was a long time ago, I had come to Rishikesh for getting my Yoga Teacher Training. But since that day, I have never wanted to leave this place. Every year many yoga practitioners visit this amazing city to hone their skills of teaching and to deepen the practice.

Rishikesh has seen change from a small town with just few restaurants and not many Yoga centers to becoming the hub of Yoga. Why did this place take centre stage in Yoga? Here are some.

  1. Rishikesh is the gateway to the Middle and Upper Himalayas, where you can find the real Yogis who contributed to the knowledge of Classical Curriculum of Hatha Yoga Training such as asanas and pranayama modules.
  2. It is the yoga capital of the world and the place where you can find diverse practices of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga and many more. Just visit this holy land and get into the right Yoga Teacher Training Course.
  3. This city is the perfect mix of aura, climate, and the natural surroundings, making it one of the best locations for Yoga sadhana. Relax on the banks of Ganga and let your mind and body be free of worldly worries, and soak in the benefits of Yoga.
  4. Rishikesh is one of the heritage cities of India, a hindu holy place and thus Vegetarian, which is the food one should take while practicing Yoga. So, you will only get vegetarian food here, and that means your Yoga will go to the next level. When doing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, the best thing is to have food provided by the school as it is according to the Yoga routine.
  5. Get the benefits of Ayurveda while doing Yoga practice in Rishikesh. Rishikesh has some amazing Ayurveda centers and some Yoga schools also have these Ayurveda spa centers where you can relax your muscles by having some really good Ayurvedic massages.
  6. There are plenty of places to visit in the mountains of Rishikesh. You get so many trekking trails, and then there is river rafting and grappling. You can enjoy these along with Yoga in Rishikesh.
  7. The ganga aarati in Rishikesh is one spectacle which you will love while living there in a Yoga School. Every day the spectacle unfolds in the evening and it will become a part of your life. The shimmering diyas will lift up your spirits. Ganga aarati is done at many places, but Rishikesh is quite a splendor.
  8. The evening Kirtan sessions will also attract you. It is not singing but immersed singing by a group which is practiced at most Yoga schools and one of the best ways to relax in the evening.

Come to Rishikesh for the experience and you will feel like a home away from home. It is indeed the Yoga capital of the world for a reason.