Role of Liquid Diet in Detoxification


Healthy discipline in the diet is an important practice for the preservation and promotion of the health. In the modern stressful lifestyle along with lack physical activity, there is rise in the most of the eating disorders which have been the causes for various types of serious health issues.

Detoxification is the natural process of the purification of system. Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training Course offers various methodologies of such purifying procedures such as Cleansing techniques in Yoga and Panchakarma in the practice of Ayurveda.

Liquid Diet plays a prominent role in the process of detoxification. Most of the therapeutic procedures make use of the liquids of various types to develop the restoration and rejuvenation of the health. Fasting is the most recommended activity for the cleansing of the internal system. Fasting with liquid diet brings great strength as it will be preventing any possible dehydrating conditions in the body along with the supply of the necessary nutrients which are immediately required by the body.

Periodic rest given in the form of the fasting using the liquids can also allow the system to reduce the burden of the excess toxins in the body by reducing the rate of metabolic wastes. This is also of great help for the internal organs of our body to enhance their functional ability while they are under resting condition. It is also observed that the senses, mind and our behavior are also fine tuned during the detoxification using the fasting as a means.

The liquids used in the process may be water, juice or milk. Fasting with water truly helps in many of the therapeutic ways. Most of the chronic diseases of the digestive system like constipation, indigestion and flatulence are relieved through this approach. It is also the most ancient practice followed by Hippocrates.

Juice fasting is also great choice of healing the system with sufficient nutrients given in the liquid form. Many of the fruit juices serve as the highly valuable laxatives in order to improve the peristalsis. They have been found useful in the effective body weight management too without subjecting too much of starvation. Even sometime the juices of vegetables or soaked cereals can also be used for the process of detoxification.

Fasting with raw milk or cultured milk is another natural process of purification of mind and body.  Sometimes students of Yoga Retreats in India follow this method for the purification objectives. For higher yoga Sadhana like concentration and meditation it is of great support. Milk itself is complete food in terms nutrients.