Six Successful Factors for Hatha Yoga Practice

The practice of Yoga needs the great will power, stable emotions and sharp intellect in order to develop the essential qualification for the effective progress in the practice. There are many important classical texts on yoga to enlighten the practitioners. Hatha Pradeepika is one of the best texts on practical aspects of Yoga sadhana by the ancient sages of India. For a successful journey in the path, every student of the Teacher Training Course in India are advise to inculcate the six facilitating factors taught by sage Swatmarama for the accomplishment of achievement.

Practicing of these six factors with proper understanding as well as with proper attention on a regular basis will help a lot bring great success, These factors are;

  1. Keenness: The enthusiasm developed through keenness is one of the highly motivating factors. The possession of keen eagerness brings great success even though there is a series of failures in the path. This will turn the spirit blazing sparks all the time.
  2. Determination: The firm conviction of determination which is capable of harnessing the potentials of the physical and mental capacities of an individual to bring about the higher degree of performance using the wisdom and power of action.
  3. Bravery: Being brave is another tool in the successful mastery of the Classical Curriculum of Hatha Yoga. The spirit of courage takes the great leap in the progress with adventurous nature. It allows growing up with full potentiality in the life and helps in standing with distinction.
  4. Discrimination: It is the ability to establish the firmness of the wisdom in the factors filled with the truth which also called as Shraddha. This principle is of great help in order to accomplish the certainty and clear-cut plan of action in the proper methodology.
  5. Firm Resolution: The practice of firmness in the resolution develops the strong will power which nurtures our power of endurance and commitment to the task again and again.
  6. Abandoning the company of common people: Mixing too much with the common people will be a great obstacle. Self-study and practice requires the great amount of solitude in the yoga sadhana, this particular principle is of great help in the fulfillment of this objective

With the effective applications of these entire principles, one can build the great practice and excel in the path of Yoga without any hindrances.