States of Consciousness of Human Mind

The behavior of the human mind is very complex. The mind control is one of the great challenges for a person. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says that Mind is the friend as well as the foe of the self. One uplifts through the controlled mind or ruin through the uncontrolled condition of the mind.

Yoga Training Curriculum of sage Patanjali teachings revolve around the mind control in order to harness the peace and harmony. The modifications of the Chitta can be experienced as painful and non-painful. The modern psychology accepts the factor of normal and abnormal behavior of the mind based on its presence at a particular time which is called as the Chitta Bhumis or states of consciousness.

Based on the capacity or incapacity of the concentration with highest or zero degrees of mental concentration, we can see their classification in Yoga Karika of Swami Hariharananda Aranya. The text refers to the five states of consciousness as follows.

Kshipta Muda ca Viksipta Ekagra ca Niruddika
Sattveshu Sahajavasthah Pancema Scittabhumayah  Y.K.I/9

1) Kshipta: Restless

The predominantly restless condition of the mind is in the dull and lethargic state. This is one of the great Obstacle to the peace of mind and as well as concentration.

2) Mudha: Infatuated

It is under the influence of delusion which shows the behavior of abnormal psychology. The presence of such condition is devoid of decision-making ability. There is no control on the functions of the intellect, mind as well as the senses of a person which eventually can harm the personality to great extent.

3) Viksipta: Distracted

Distracted state of the mind is sometimes capable for concentration and sometimes it is not in the same experience. It is common behavior of the ordinary mind. We feel more inclined to focus and attaining the realization of the goals in our life but at the same, it may also lose this focus.

4) Ekagara: One Pointed

This is the journey of controlling the mind. This well help in better concentration, this one pointed ness bring the purification of the mind, develops the great control on the senses and one of the qualification for higher experiences of mental phenomena in the promotion of mental health through the peace and harmony in the life.

5) Niruddha : Well Controlled

It is well controlled state of mind which is an experience of the meditative mind. The joy and bliss is enjoyed. This regulation is the higher aim of all the principles and practices Yoga in order to enjoy the bliss and happiness in the life.