The Art of Teaching Yoga

When you join the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, the first question on your mind will certainly be – “How to teach Yoga?” Through this article resource, you will understand the basics of teaching which are essential for any kind of teaching and enrich the way you will be teaching yoga to anyone. To become an amazing teacher you need to understand many things, a few of which will come right in this blog.

Teaching is an Art

You should understand that teaching is an art. It not only depends on your knowledge but also on how you deliver the knowledge. A teacher may be very wise but if he/she does not know how to deliver the knowledge, then the knowledge within is of not much use for teaching purpose. Same is the case for teaching Yoga which requires connecting at mental, physical and spiritual levels. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that will help your teaching.

  1. Understanding the students – As a teacher, you will have many classes and many students. Every student and every class will have different kinds of needs. Knowing what the students want and then delivering it specifically is the connection required for becoming an excellent teacher.
  2. Making it Simple – Making it simple for the student is another vital cog in the wheel of teaching. You should be able to reach the level of the student and then only he/she will understand fully what is being taught.
  3. Adjust the methodology – Teaching asanas requires the students to make proper alignment and necessary corrections as per their body type. Similarly, as a teacher, you need to make adjustments to your methodology to suit the students.
  4. Explaining the Goal – The goal of Yogic practices is to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. You should be able to communicate this to your students in the simplest way so that they can begin their journey on the right path which leads towards their goal. Some may be slow to reach and others may reach quickly but they should have the focus on the goal.
  5. Music and Rhythm – Music brings calmness to the mind and the body. The rhythms can be used by the teacher to create a peaceful atmosphere and control the pace of the class during the practice of relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra.

A teacher lives what he teaches, and that should be the way to go. Evolve as you teach and bring on new things every moment. Life is a sum of moments and you can bring happiness by making each moment memorable. Right!

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