The Importance of Abhyasa and Vairagya in Yoga Sadhana

Yoga Sadhana is an important means of training the mind and body for the higher experiences of concentration as well as success in the meditation practices. The disciplined practice is very essential in order to achieve the proficiency in the practical training in Yoga .

Abhyasa and Vairagya  are the two means  for the concentration in the Curriculum of Yoga Training Program . The teachings of sage Patanjali revolves around these two terms in the practical progress of sadhana.

Like the flow of the water cuts the rock, these two means are useful in training the mind and body to be focused for the meditative efforts without distraction so that the harmony and peace is maintained all the time with the practitioners of Yoga.

Abhyasa is called as practice which is choosing an effort and getting established in that so that it brings the tranquility of the mind. The success in the practice is brought by  the following three factors .They are ;

Long time; The long time practice brings the regularity and great consistency in the routine approach of practical discipline

Un interrupted practice: The practice needs to be followed without any interruptions as they become hindrances. Taking the breaks again and again in any of these practices can lead to the limitation in the progress.

Dedication; The reverence and the commitment is another key aspect of the practice to be motivated and connect with inner sense of deep attitude. The collective practices of these three factors are of great help in the establishment of the solid ground in the practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Training of Sage Patanjali is the great collection of the series of the practices which are arranged in the structured sequential order for the proper preparation of each of the stages and to gain the complementary benefits of each practice for the further one. These practices bring the holistic health to the practitioner keeping the mind and body in a good health. They are also very good principles for the harmony, health and happiness in the life through yoga practice.

Vairagya is dispassion which is training the senses in order to follow the mind so that there are no disturbances of the senses for the concentration of the mind. Techniques of Prathyahara will be of great help in the cultivation of the success in the dispassion on regular basis.