The Role of Yoga in Pregnancy and its Complications

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is one of the very special and fulfilling life experiences for an expecting mother. This journey brings lots challenges along with joy and happiness in abundance. These challenges range from general discomforts to various complex health issues contributing for many of the complications of the pregnancy.  Prenatal Yoga training is one of the most effective and supportive companion for coping with these challenges and managing the complications.

Each trimester can bring different types of problems due to the ongoing changes in the body on account of the pregnancy. These problems may be for a short period of time or they may be disturbing till the child birth.  The problems may be physical as well as mental in nature affecting the moods and emotions too. Some may require additional medical attention in order to maintain the health of the mother and the developing baby.

Yogic practices are being very useful in this specialty area to help the expecting mothers with nurturing and caring environment. The modules of Asana,pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques and  mantra chanting  along with the principles  of yoga  are great help in the promotion of physical and mental health . The regular practice of yoga plays a prominent role to prevent the complications of the pregnancy and help the expecting mother to enjoy this with inner connection.

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