The Seven Chakras in the Human Body


The chakras in Yoga are very important. Even modern medical science has now acknowledged the importance of these points present in human body. There are seven chakras in our body. In meditation the chakras are very important. They are the centers of energy in our body. In a perfect state the seven chakras should be open and the energy will then flow unheralded through the body. The concept of chakra can be understood with and example. It is like the joints in a water pipeline. If there is blockage or leakage at any joint the water flow is reduced. The overall supply will then get affected. In a similar way if even one chakra is not open the flow of energy through the body will get affected. This is the reason for most of physical ailments. According to Ayurveda, the chakras are present along the spine, starting from the colon and going up to the highest point on the head.

(1) The Root chakra – It is also known as “Muladhar” and it is situated on the first three vertebrae. It is responsible for stability of our body, feeling of security and basic needs. Open Muladhar gives a sense of safety and security.

(2) The Sacral chakra – Known as Swadhisthana in scriptures this is the center of creativity and sexuality. It is the vertebral area between the pubic bone and navel. It is responsible for creativity.

(3) The solar plexus – It is the chakra situated between the naval and the breastbone and is responsible for power both mental and physical.

(4) Heart chakra – It is situated between the breast bone and the neck and is responsible for feelings and emotions.

(5) Throat chakra – It is known as the Visudha chakra and is between the throat and mouth. It encompasses the vocal glands, thyroid and the mouth. It is responsible for the art of expression and words.

(6) The third eye chakra – Situated between the eyebrows, this chakra is responsible for intuition.

(7) Crown chakra – This is situated at the highest point in our body and is responsible for spirituality and is sometimes known as the connection to divine.