Therapeutics of Yogic Principles for Emotional Health

Yoga is one of the most ancient system Indian philosophies developed by the saint and sages of the country to provide freedom from the sufferings of the mankind.  The fundamentals of this system are based on the theory of Sankya philosophy.

In the modern life, the applications of the principles and practices of Yoga are really of great help in the achievement of the holistic health. They have been highly influential in shaping the dynamic organization of the human personality by brining the coordination and balance in the different types of the traits of the human personality.

Emotions and their management is one of the great challenge in the modern stressful life, the imbalances on the emotions have been causative factors for many of the mental health diseases as well as disturbing healthy development of the personality.

The role of yoga in the regulations of the emotions is highly appreciated, the teachings of Yoga Training Course precisely brings the concept of the reduction of the afflictions in order to minimize the miseries of the human beings and the recommendation of the practice of Kriya Yoga for attaining the willpower, wisdom, stability of the emotions which are the triple aspects of the human personality.

Ignorance is the root cause of all the afflictions and they play the role in which an individual is unable to think, act and behave freely according to his true nature. The conditioning of such situation due to the afflictions creates the zone of mental and emotional conflicts between the forces of attraction or repulsions both of which drain the great amount of energy and bring the disturbance in the subtle vehicle.

The practice of Kriya Yoga includes the austerity, self study and devotion. These three disciplines are very helpful to bring the stable ground for the journey of the yoga path with the strong willpower for the commitment, intellect in order to find the difference between the real and unreal and the harmony of the emotions using the practice of the devotion to be free from the disturbances.

Apart  from these concepts, the Training Curriculum also focuses to bring the balance in the behavior which is conducive to develop the Chitta Prasadana or the peace of the mind using the approach of the friendliness towards the happy people, compassion to the unhappy, good will  to the virtuous and the indifference to the evil in the society.

The therapeutics of the principles of yoga is significant in the promotion of the health of the mind and emotions. The social code of conduct and personal observances of eight limbs are the universal applications practiced in order to purify the mind and emotions. This purification is very useful in the experience of the happiness and harmony in the life.