Travel to Rishikesh

Rishikesh indeed is a heavenly abode. Rightly termed rishikesh the locks of rishis it is a place to learn about your own soul. I have been living in Ghaziabad for long and was told by my friends that I should visit the place in a weekend. I got a chance in third week of november and went out with my family. I was quite skeptical about buses so I hired a taxi to Haridwar and made it a point to take a dip in the holy ganges. My god the water flow was so fast that I was fearful of entering the river. The flow was enough to sweep me off my feet. Finally I entered and took a dip on the eastern bank. Here is the photo my wife took.

Some offering to the Holy Ganges.

The dip was an elixir as it took away all my pains I had been having for three months. The doctor had said it was impossible to get rid of it, but Maa Ganga took my pains away and to be true I was amazed by the effect.

The old bridge road on the way from Haridwar

Then came this bridge on way to Rishikesh. There used to be a stream of ganga water but due to dam building it has vanished. We reached Rishikesh and we had an arrangement to stay at an ashram which is run by a person I know. It was blissful experience to stay on the bank of Ganga. They run this 500 hour yoga program.

500 Hours Hatha Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh

The stay was magical with Yogic gurus who solved many of my problems which the doctors could not solve. Believe it or not all my pains and I was relieved of long time muscular pains with the yoga they prescribed. There will be more and more about the experience from my personal travel diary in the next post. Coming soon….