Trikonasana-Triangle Pose




Trikonasana is one of the important standing asana and it is quite useful from the point view of the health of the joints as it gives the best movement to nearly all the joints in the body.


The body in the final position of this posture resembles the shape of the Triangle, Hence the name Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

Variations: The twisting in the trikonasana is called as Parivrita Trikonsana or revolving triangle pose.

Procedure of the Practice:

Samasthithi /Starting Position

Inhaling spread the right leg   about three feet distance and arms parallel to the ground.

While exhaling turn the right foot to the right side and bend to the right side and hold your big toe.  Raise the left hand up and gaze the tip of left hand middle finger, breathe for 5 times

Inhaling come up to step II.

Repeat the same practices on the left side also.

Exhaling join the right leg to left.

Benefits of Trikonasana

This asana has several benefits.

This asana promotes spinal strength and improves joints range of  motion (JRM)

It also enhances lung capacity and tones up the walls of the heart and lungs.

The stretch in the pose stimulates the nervous system and alleviates nervous depression

It improves digestion, stimulating the appetite,

Promotes intestinal peristalsis and alleviating digestive disorders such as constipation, indigestion etc.

This asana strengthens the pelvic area and tones the reproductive organs

It helps to Tone up the leg muscles such as the quadriceps and hamstrings and promotes the flexibility.

Regular practice will help to reduce the waistline fat.

Limitations to the practice:

This asana should not be performed by those suffering from hypertension, chronic back pain conditions.