Women Health and Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

Experts over the years have recommended yoga for women to help them easily pass through the mountain of demands and needs scribbled on their daily task list. It won’t be wrong to say that women are expected to multi-task all the time. They start their day by being the perfect homemaker, followed by their professional duties and finishing off the day by complying with the domestic duties yet again. Women are expected to be not just the perfect homemaker but the partial breadwinner to the family as well.

Juggling with so many responsibilities and keeping up with all of them calls for a support system and that support system could be yoga. Yoga is the ideal means to achieve serenity and sanity in their ever-so-chaotic world. Simple breathing and meditation techniques may help women to keep their mind at peace and handle multiple responsibilities with poise and proficiency.

Yoga does much more for women than just improving the physical appearance of the body. It imparts nourishment to the soul and balance to the mind. It is important that women should not consider yoga as an additional chore but as a necessity which will help them in handling their daily obligations optimally. For those women who cannot convince themselves to get on the yoga mat every day, joining a Yoga Training Course is a great way to get motivated and get started with your yoga journey.

A common question which comes to the mind of many women is that when is the right time to start practicing yoga. The good part is that women can start practicing yoga at any given age. If you are clueless about where to start or have no idea even about the basics of yoga, it is better to get yourself enrolled in a beginners yoga course at a reputed yoga school.

Read on to know more about the innumerable benefits of yoga for women.

Yoga for Adolescent Girls

During the early years or the adolescent stage of women, yoga is highly recommended. This unruly period molds the entire life of young girls as they encounter major changes not just in their body but in their mind as well. There are various yoga asanas which are designed for young women at this stage to make sure that they can adjust to these various changes easily and comfortably. For example, the regular practice of meditation and pranayama help calm the fearful, restless and confused teenage brain. Along with that, asanas such as Vajrasana and Dhanurasana should be practiced for developing regular menstrual cycle, gaining muscular strength, controlling obesity and developing healthy reproductive organs.

Yoga During Pregnancy

During the conception years and motherhood, the female body goes through various physical changes. Practicing yoga helps in optimizing productivity in women. During pregnancy, women go through various alien experiences and thus it is important that they try to achieve and maintain good physical and mental health. For pregnant women, it is best to join a prenatal yoga class as it comprises of tailored yoga poses designed keeping in mind the needs of a pregnant body. They strengthen the uterine muscles and the back muscles to support the weight of the growing baby in the womb. For new mothers, post-natal yoga helps in recovering from the delivery trauma, restoring muscle firmness and increasing lactation.

Yoga During the Transitional Phase

The aging part is certainly difficult for both men and women but for women, the hurdles during this phase are very distinctive. At this stage, women go through menopause, thyroid problems, weight gain and various other health conditions. Women who practice yoga regularly during this phase can reduce these problems and ailments substantially. The healing power of yoga can help in balancing the hormones, maintain weight, aid in smooth passage of menopause and retain a healthy digestive system. Daily practice of pranayama and meditation along with Surya Namaskar will help women immensely with passing through this difficult phase of life with much ease and comfort.