Yajna and its significance in Yoga

havan kund

Yajna (Fire Ceremony) is done before starting any kind of teaching in India. The same is done before a batch starts in Yoga teacher training at Ojashvi. So what is the significance of this ceremony and how is it connected to Yoga? For that we need to know this very interesting fact. A Yajna Kund is shaped like an inverted pyramid. You can check this with all kinds of Yajna Kunds, whether the one made in the ground or the metal portable ones. Why is this shape so important? Let us examine the core shape a “Pyramid”. Pyramid has been scientifically proven to preserve all kinds of things which are perishable. The proof are the thousand year old mummies kept inside pyramids. Science has experimented and found that there is a unique combination of energy at height of 2/3rd from the top. The things kept at this height can be kept preserved for a long time. So the conclusion is that Pyramid helps conserve energy.

Yajna before Yoga

A yajna kund is just the opposite shape ” An inverted Pyramid”. This shape means energy can be effectively disseminated from a yajna kund. The use of fire and other ingredients which give out positive energy are used in this ritual. The ritual is done to purify the atmosphere around the place of performance. Yoga basically works on principles of awakening of the body and the mind, which is the goal of yajna. Yajna prepares the body and mind by invoking the positive forces within.¬†Yajna is the beginning of “tapas” ( asceticism) the fundamental of beginning the Yoga teacher training. The very spirit of yajna is sacrifice. love and service all bringing out the positive energy in self. Add to that the very obvious benefits; (1) It brings people together (2) Teaches unity of spirit (3) Increases spiritual awakening and (4) Purifies the body mind and the spirit. Thus yajna (Fire ceremony) is not merely a ritual but a process that makes for a good beginning by opening up sources of positive energy.