Yoga and Digestive Disorders Part – II

Continued from Part-I


The Practice of Yoga helps to restore the lost health of the digestive system and prevents many of the disorders associated with digestion. Preventive, Promotive and curative aspects of Yoga as natural health care measures contribute a lot for the best possible health of the digestive system.  The Yogic principles and practices which are used to improve and maintain the digestive system are;

Food and Life Style: The effective practice of code of conduct prescribed by sage Patanjali in the name of Yama and Niyama will help a person to inculcate the healthy life style which is conducive for the good digestion . Yoga practices recommend a person to inculcate the healthy eating habits in terms of Tridosha and Triguna. The blend of the modern concept of Diet and nutrition with Balanced diet enhances the digestive capacity.

Cleansing Techniques:  Shat karmas or the cleansing techniques in Yoga help to throw out the impurities in the Stomach and in the entire gastro intestinal tract. The practice of Dhouti is good to eradicate the excessive toxins built in the stomach due to many of the emotional upsets which result in the excessive bio chemical secretions. Kapalabhati practice massages and improves the functioning of the digestive organs.

Asana: The practices of Asanas are working on various mechanisms.  An important aspect of the Asana practice is the massage of the internal organs of the digestive system which improves blood circulation and allows best possible digestion through the stimulation of the muscles, nerves and organs of the digestive system. The poses directly help to relieve the sluggishness of the intestine through squeezing and releasing mechanisms. Improved venous return during the asana practice promotes the peristalsis and prevents the tendency of the constipation and flatulence.

Pranayama: The Pranayama practices are known to reduce the excessive secretions of the acid in the stomach through the regulation sympathetic nervous system. The practices such as Bhastrika and Suryabhedhana increase the body heat. The increased heat in the body aids in the purification of the blood. The vigorous massage of the techniques enhances the functionality of the digestive organs.

Meditation and Relaxation: The techniques of relaxation and meditations develop the tranquility of the mind which is an antidote for the stress and stress induced effects on digestion. The physiology of body works to restore and rejuvenate the process of the digestion during the deep relaxation practice in Yoga.

Thus the principles and practices of Yoga contribute for the health of digestion.