Yoga and the Modern World

Yoga In India

Yoga is one among the six classical systems of Indian Philosophy. Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali is the oldest textbook of Yoga. The metaphysics of the Samkhya Philosophy was meticulously structured and explained in the text in order to understand the fundamental causes of the miseries or the sufferings of the mankind.  The principles and practices of Yoga in sequential arrangements of eight limbs are the useful tools to alleviate the sufferings and to attain the peace of mind through a life filled with health, happiness, and harmony.

Yoga in the modern world is being experienced with the sense of the limited experience like a form of physical exercises by many people around the world. Therapeutics of Yoga practices have been successful in supporting healthcare systems.But Yoga should be enjoyed and experienced in its true form to reap its real advantages. Yoga schools and their training programs shall focus to develop the awareness on the subject based on its traditional roots. The ethical preparation in the art of Yoga is one of the marvelous teachings which can tackle the issues of the morality in the modern life.