Yoga for Lifestyle Management

The practice of Yoga recommends a person to inculcate healthy lifestyle through its different limbs. The proper discipline in the lifestyle is very important from the point view of the prevention of many of the lifestyle disorders which are more prevalent in these modern days. The Curriculum of Yoga Teacher Training Programmes gives significant importance to train the students in these very important aspects of Yogic life.

Bagavadgeetha is one of the most ancient texts on the literature about the disciplines of Yoga which explains essentials of healthy lifestyle as follows for the successful preparation for the concentration of the mind.


Ahara: Dietetic Discipline. The food which we take not only nourishes the physical body but also the mental essence. Hence it is important to have the food which is of satvik nature. The exercise on the moderation in diet is also useful.

Vihara: Recreation is another most important aspect of healthy lifestyle which is achieved through proper physical activity, Yoga practices like sun salutations and asana provide an ample opportunity for recreation. The practice of meditation and Yoga nidra techniques are quiet helpful to achieve this objective on regular basis.

Achara: The behavior is another effective means in order to develop the rhythms for healthy lifestyle. The Social Code of Conduct like the practices of Yama and the personal observances/Niyama are useful to regulate the behavior and they help in leading the life of harmony.

Vichara: Thinking approach can help in shaping our thought patterns in turn they guide our emotions and actions. Over a period of time these changes are experienced as the traits of our personality. Hence, it is always important to inculcate the practices of positive thinking.

A yoga practitioner on account of his connection with the curriculum of Yoga from the above perspectives is more inclined to follow them in his routine life due to his sincerity, regularity and firm dedication to the teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Practices. Lifestyle regulation is also basis for proper ethical preparation as these practices are always conducive to harmonize our behavior and emotions for the practice of natural law of the systems. Ancient foundations on schools of Yoga have been guided to follow the discipline of moral principles in the form Social and Personal behavior.

The teachings of Yoga, Bagavadgeetha and Upanishads have been very useful resources for the development of healthy lifestyle and are used in the prevention of the lifestyle diseases.