Yoga Practice and its Health Benefits

Yoga is beneficial for health? Yes, it is but science requires evidence, and there is evidence to prove some of its benefits. Can it prolong one’s life? Well, this blog and associated article will try to answer some if not all of the questions.

  1. It reduces stress – Yoga is known to help a person relax and stress reduction is an automatic result. Clinical trials have proven time and again that yoga helps to reduce the stress hormone “Cortisol”. A study of 35 women who were emotionally stressed, and started practicing yoga showed that Yoga indeed helps with negative stress.
  2. Helps to relieve Anxiety – Yoga helps to calm the mind and reduces anxiety related disorders. A study of 100 women for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) was done for effect of yoga. After 10 weeks the data showed that more than half of the women did not have symptoms of PTSD and the remaining experienced reduction in PTSD. The philosophy of being in the moment and calming the mind seems to be the answer for anxiety patients.
  3. Reduces inflammation – Inflammation is the body’s response to things from outside. However there are some diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases that can be aggravated due to inflammation. A study done on breast cancer patients showed that yoga reduced inflammation.
  4. An elixir for heart health – Yoga helps reduce the stickiness of platelets which is the main cause of clot related heart problems. Thinning of the blood by yoga acts like elixir for the heart muscles. A study of 100 patients of heart clot related disease was done over a year. Regular yoga for a year resulted in 47 patients becoming better with progression of the disease stopping. That is a great result, isn’t it!
  5. Improves the Quality of Life – Yoga helps to calm the mind and is a nice therapy for patients with different diseases. The thing that works for yoga is that it takes each individual as a separate subject for therapy. Studies done on a group of 66 males over 65 years of age was done. After six months of yoga, their quality of life has changed for good.

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