Yoga Practices for the Management of the Sleep Disorders

Sleep is necessary means of restoration and rejuvenation of our health. The sound quality and the optimum quantity of the seep wards of the tiredness, fatigue and stress and strains of the day. Millions of the people around the world suffer from long-term sleep disorders. These are disrupting the rhythm of their lives. Insomnia is one of such sleep disorders. It is an inability to fall asleep during the sleep time and it can be either acute or chronic type. The hectic research in Yoga has given the promising results that the principles and practices this spiritual discipline is useful in relieving the sleep disturbances as complementary medicine.

Chronic stress and irregular lifestyles are attributed as the chief causes of the Insomnia. Emotional disorders like anxiety, depression and certain health issues such as asthma, hyperactive thyroid functions and gastrointestinal disease can cause sleep imbalances. In women, hot flushes during menopause and the stages of Prenatal Conditions can affect the quality of the sleep.

The most pronounced symptoms of Insomnia are feeling of drowsiness, tiredness. This can cause serious problems in the work-life leading the poor cognitive capacities and mental health, The modern medical science makes use of the applications of sleep pills which are called as hypnotics or the practice cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Curriculum of Yoga Philosophy recommends a person to inculcate the practice of the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” in order to get best out of the natural rhythms of the life.

Regular practice of well structured and sequenced practice of Yoga Training Course is very conducive to develop the quality of the sleep and develop the rhythmic sleep patterns.

The practice of Relaxative and meditative asana diffuses the muscle tensions, overcoming the symptoms of the chronic fatigue of the body and mind.

Relaxation technique of Yoga such as Yoga Nidra is useful in relieving the tensions deeply rooted in physical, mental and emotional levels of an individual.

The pranayama practices are effective in vitalizing the systems through the restorations of vitality. The practice of meditation and mantra chanting are able to bring the shift in the brain waves pattern which reduces mental conflicts, anxiety bringing the tranquility and peace of mind.

Lifestyle modification, recreation activities and the moderation in the diet and nutrition concepts are suitable measures for the restoration of the lost sleep pattern. The collective effects of Yoga principles and practices including the dietetic discipline will help in the regulation of the endocrinal secretions which are fundamental for the balanced hormonal activities of our body.