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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Begin the Journey of your Inner Transformation

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Batch - April 2017
Ojashvi Yoga Shala is Yoga Alliance registered yoga school in Rishikesh, India. With its excellent infrastructure facilities and experienced teaching team the school is recognized as the premier Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Rishikesh.

The school is located in Tapovan area of Rishikesh on the pristine banks of the sacred river Ganges surrounded by verdant nature of the Himalayas amidst the dense forest filled with greenery and abundant spiritual energy.

The comprehensive training programmes of our school are designed under the guidance of our experienced yoga masters and are dedicated to share the authentic message of yoga to the passionate yoga practitioners.

The science and art of yoga is a means of developing the synchronization of the mind and body which is nothing but the harmony in life. The 200 and 300 Hours Ojashvi Yoga Teacher Training Courses provide an opportunity to experience and enjoy the journey of inner transformation.
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Carve your own path with Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India is not just a training program but a path to a healthy lifestyle. The training helps you start a journey of gathering valuable knowledge. You can use this knowledge to imbibe wisdom in self and then spread the same throughout the world. You can start as a beginner and become an expert in yoga philosophy and practice. Enhance your practice with increasing the intensity and become empowered to share your experiences from different perspectives.

All the yoga teacher training courses and certifications at Ojashvi Yoga Shala which include the 200 hours, 300 hours, 500 hours YTTC and Pre-natal YTTC are accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA. This enables our disciples to have the credibility to teach yoga anywhere in the world.
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India

200 Hours Residential Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course at Ojashvi Yoga Shala in Rishikesh is designed for increasing knowledge and wisdom. The 200 hour YTTC is designed to inculcate wisdom of yoga and to bring clarity to life. The experience will help you to connect with a higher soul and make you a complete person.
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

300 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India

The 300 Hours Residential Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh imparted by Ojashvi Yoga Shala increases the proficiency level of the disciples and makes them transcend to a different level. The courses instill life changing passion and compassion which helps to impart the training in a better manner.
500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

500 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India

500 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is a structured course meant to make the trainees expert in all fields of hatha yoga. The course is designed to gradually infuse the knowledge of yoga for the betterment of self and change the way life is seen. Be liberated from worries and bring happiness to your life.
Ojashvi Yoga Shala organizes yoga retreats in the picturesque Rishikesh. The place is enshrined by spiritual energy and enlightened by yoga practice all around. The Yoga Retreat programme will provide you with an introduction to the practice of yoga. Even a newbie can benefit from this retreat programme while enjoying the experience.

The retreat programme includes techniques and practice of Sun Salutations, Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation and Yoganidra. The concept of positive health and importance of yoga for empowering a healthy lifestyle is embedded in the course.
Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh
Yoga for Beginners in Rishikesh, India
Rishikesh, the yoga capital is one of the best locations to start the journey of yoga in India. The lower Shivaliks and the beautiful white frothing waters of Ganga add the required aura and the peace is a nice blend for the neo yogis.

The 7 Days Beginners Yoga Training Programme in Rishikesh is the perfect way for trainees to start the practice of yoga. The programme introduces yoga to the new trainees and also makes them familiar with the yogic lifestyle. The yogic lifestyle is all about discipline in routine which includes diet and physical exercise.

Yoga Teacher Training Upcoming Dates

05th Feb 2018 To 04th Mar 2018
Early Bird Discount* US$ 100
(Book Before 05th Dec 2017)
09th Apr 2018 To 20th May 2018
Early Bird Discount* US$ 100
(Book Before 09th Feb 2018)
12th Mar 2018 To 20th May 2018
Early Bird Discount* US$ 150
(Book Before 12th Jan 2018)
10th Sep 2018 To 23rd Sep 2018
Early Bird Discount* US$ 50
(Book Before 10th Jun 2018)
Prental Yoga Course in India

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

In Ojashvi Yoga Shala Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, we concentrate on teaching beneficial and safe prenatal yoga practices. You will be trained to skillfully deal with and support your students as they go through the most beautiful but also the most excruciating process of pregnancy.
Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala, India

Ojashvi Yoga Shala Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kerala is designed to bring our students face to face to the spiritual teachings and rigorous practices of the hatha yoga- focusing on breathing, meditation, awareness and practical approach to lead a happier, content, stress-free and harmonious life.
Yoga Retreat and Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Retreat and Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India

Ojashvi Yoga Shala Yoga Retreat is the perfect amalgamation of learning basic yoga practices along with an enjoyable expedition. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range in the state of Uttrakhand, Rishikesh has the perfect scenic beauty and spiritual aura suitable for a yoga retreat.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Across the world, yoga teacher training in India is gaining more and more popularity. India is the land of Yoga. Yoga in India is both an art and science used for the well-being derived from an ancient civilization. Yoga opens up the possibility of living life to the best possible human potential. The awareness established by the principles and practices of yoga is immeasurably transformative for improving the quality of the human life experience.

Yoga practice and study in India is nurtured through the contributions of eminent yogis and ashrams in different parts of the country to bring health, happiness and harmony in life through Yoga practice.

Rishikesh is one of the prominent places for yoga study in India. The city is located on the banks of the pristine Ganges revered by nature. The mighty Himalayas give the perfect backdrop scene and the greenery in form of dense coniferous forests adds to the feeling of the presence of a higher power.

Why to Choose Ojashvi Yoga Shala for Yoga Teacher Training Programe

Rishikesh in India as a world capital of Yoga has many choices for the Yoga teacher training program.
The Reasons to join Ojashvi

Micro group

Ojashvi Yoga teacher training programmes are conducted in a micro group. This helps the students to get the personal attention and individual instruction.


Ojashvi Yoga School is located amidst the surroundings of the ashrams in the picturesque location of Himalayan hills on the bank of river Ganga in Rishikesh. It is just few minutes walking distance from the Ram Julah as well as Paramarth Niketan Ashram.


Ojashvi Yoga School makes yoga education an experience rather than just theory and practical. The trainers and teachers give individual attention to all the disciples. We believe in the Guru Shishya parampara of teaching which instill knowledge, wisdom and discipline in life.

Includes in Yoga Teacher Training

We are pledged to maintain quality and economy without compromising with excellence, experience and the facilities. Transforming lives by changing the outlook of our trainees is our motto.
Lodging and Accommodation
All the basic amenities are present in the accommodation provided by us. Clean rooms, along with all the necessary electrical fittings and an attached bath is included in the residential program.
Healthy Vegetarian Meals
Three vegetarian meals are provided each day along with daily tea and coffee as per preference.
Teacher Training
Experience yoga teacher training at Ojashvi with a team of experienced professionals. They will take your yoga practice to a higher level and bring peace and happiness in your lives. You can share the same when you start training at your own location.
Continuous Learning
Learning is a continuous process and never ends. You can contact our yoga shala any time after the completion of the course for insights from the teachers.

Yoga Teacher Testimonials

Jasmin Sonja Schöni (Switzerland)
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
This has been an amazing experience, I thank everyone for their kindness, patience and that they shared their Knowledge with us. Nagesh is an amazing teacher and a very inspirational and humble person. I can't wait to come back and do the 300 Hours TTC with Nagesh. Also, Swamiji was amazing and I am very grateful that he took his time to teach us meditation, his chanting is beautiful.

OM Blessed Cottage, Badrinath Road,
Distt - Tehri Garhwal, Tapovan
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand - 249152 India
Jasmin Sonja Schöni

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