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Members of Board of Studies - Ojashvi Yoga Shala

Dr. K. Krishna Sharma
Dr. K. Krishna Sharma
Dr. K. Krishna Sharma has been working very closely in the field of Yogic sciences and is currently the Professor and Chairman at the Mangalore University in the Department for Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences. Ojashvi is blesses with his presence on the board of studies of the Yoga Teacher Training programmes in Rishikesh. He is also the mentor of the board and takes part in each and every discussion very actively, and with his experience in teaching, yoga philosophy, therapy and research he is an invaluable member of our family.

He is Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the research field has been Yoga for more than 3 decades. He did his research on "Patanjali Yoga Chikitsa Paddhati" from Mangalore University and has being guiding much research under him in the field of Yogic philosophy.

Dr. Krishna Sharma has also been a practicing therapist with an experience of treating around 20000 patients. He professes the yogic way of life and this is what shows in his therapy. He has helped many people get rid of many ailments especially psychosomatic diseases. The areas like stress management and lifestyle diseases like blood pressure and diabetes have also been treated by Mr. Krishna Sharma. He has an excellent academic record with publications in international and national journals. He also actively participates in international conferences and conventions.
Dr. Kamakhya Kumar
Dr. Kamakhya Kumar
Research and application of yoga in daily life has been the aim of Mr. Kamakhya Kumar, and this is epitomized by his work. He is a scholar who has made significant contributions to practice of yoga in India and abroad. His current place of work is DSV University in Haridwar in the School of Yoga and Health.

Munger, Bihar one of the oldest places which taught yoga has been the place where Mr. Kumar has taken his education. He completed his Post Graduation and PhD from this esteemed institution. His PhD degree was awarded by his eminence honorable former President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. After his education Mr. Kumar has been actively involved in dispersing his knowledge through teaching Yoga and allied sciences. He has also distributed his wisdom in form of really nice books and is on the editorial board of International Journal of Yoga.

He mentors Yoga teachers and also actively participates in International and National Conferences and seminars on Yoga. Propagating yoga and health has been one of his major contributions over the years. He as a member of the Board of Studies at Ojashvi imparts valuable inputs and guidance for the various Yoga Teacher training programmes.
Prof. Badal K Sharma
Prof. Badal K Sharma
Mr. Badal K Sharma started his career in the government sector after his Post Graduation in management from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. He also worked with various reputed organizations like Grasim Industries. But the corporate life could not keep the trainer in him in the shell for long. He broke out of the corporate chains and started teaching management subjects with focus on training and grooming individuals.

He is a freelance trainer and teacher associated with various organizations. His area of focus has been making an individual reach their potential by managing stress, time and communication. He takes special training in fields of stress management and interpersonal and leadership skills. It is a fact that without inter personal and leadership skills plans cannot be put into action. He regularly visits Ojashvi and shares his views with the trainees. His visits and valuable inputs to the Yoga Teacher training programmes have made difference to the motivation level of teacher and students alike.
Dr.Udaya kumar
Dr. Udaya is a gold medalist in M.Sc Yogic science from Mangalore University and is currently a lecturer there. He blends modern methods and ancient yogic principles very well in his teaching methods. Teaching Post Graduate students at the University he has brought on many innovations in a matter of years, and is very adept in the field of Yoga therapy.

He was a part of the research team as a Junior Research fellow in Indo-Russian project "Efficacy of Yoga Therapy on various patients before and after treatment" which was sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology Government of India. His PhD thesis was on the topic "Assessment of the Effect of Yoga therapy on sinusitis using infrared thermal imaging system" and has been a great addition to Yogic science researches.

He has been in the organizing committee of National Conference on Yoga therapy, and has also presented papers in various seminars in India and abroad. He has many noteworthy publications in national and international journals of yoga and allied sciences. As a member of Board of Studies at Ojashvi, he has been contribution written works and practical tips for improving the Yoga Teacher Training programmes run by Ojashvi at Rishikesh.
Swami Atmajananand ji
Swami Atmajananand ji
Swami Atmajananand ji is a humanitarian and spiritual leader, an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Swamiji has inspired many lives around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world. He has founded imparting the knowledge of yoga that provide techniques and tools to live a deeper, more joyous life and he has established a mindset in his disciples that recognizes a common human identity above the boundaries of race, nationality, and religion.

The Beginning
Born in Kerala, Southern India. Swami ji was a gifted child. Please write add something about his parents and childhood which relates to yoga .Swami Atma at the age of five used to hear the Guru Mantra and would make him feel that he was connected to some master in the previous birth).

Occidental and Oriental Education
Swami Atma Jnanananda Giri, Homeopathic Doctor by Profession. The materialistic world was missing the part of spirituality and his resolution of life was to experience the ultimate truth. That led him for the yogic quest. He studied Vedic Literature and Practiced Yoga under many enlightened beings: the great Himalayan master Swami Veda Bharati, Acharya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Sudhi Chaitanya, Swami Adyatamanandaji and many others. The knowledge that he carries along is immense and just a single conversation with him is a gateway to self realization.

Inspiring Service and Globalizing Wisdom
Swamiji is a noted humanitarian leader who has provided assistance to people from a wide range of backgrounds and motivated them for the betterment of the self. The power of his message has inspired a wave of service based on spirituality. He has rekindled the traditions of yoga and meditation and has offered them in a form that works in the 21st century. By reviving ancient wisdom, swamiji has offered yogic techniques for personal and social transformation. He has touched the many lives around the world going beyond the barriers of race, nationality, and religion with the message of a "one-world family".

As Ojas (life force) for Ojashvi Yoga Shala
Swamiji is the intuition of this institution. We are very fortunate enough to have his presence as the master for our students. He will have very insightful discourses on many varied subjects related to spirituality both the practice and philosophy.