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Ayurvedic Facial Therapy

Ayurvedic Facial Therapy

Ayurveda has its own method of a facial. The facial is not just about creams and packs. It is much more. It takes care of acne, scars and black/white patch formation. Such is the benefit of the Ayurvedic facial massage. In fact, the massage is more of a therapy with the first thing being testing the skin type.
Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh
Yoga Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India
Benefits of Facial Therapy:

Removes dryness
Herbal packs of various kinds are used in the therapy. The packs are selected as per the skin type. Dry skin problems will be a thing of the past once you go through this massage/therapy. It not only takes care of the immediate problem of dryness but also hydrates the skin making it supple and young.
Natural ingredients makes your skin glow
Use of natural ingredients in the massage means there is no chance of damage. The natural herbs and oils used tend to hydrate the skin making it more flexible, and flexibility is youth. Unlike other massage methods this therapy will keep you skin rejuvenated and glowing for a long time.

The method used is to stroke the marma (vital) points using various aromatic oils. This is not only to cleanse and revitalize the skin superficially but also from within. The therapy is very scientific with effects that will really flabbergast you.

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