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Ayurvedic Kerala Massage and Abhyanga

The whole body massage from Ayurveda relaxes the body and mind. If you are in stress, this massage will help you for sure. It is performed by trained therapists using herbal oils as per body type. The treatment helps relax the body and mind. You will have the feeling of calmness and surge in energy levels after the massage. The massage is popular worldwide as Ayurvedic Kerala massage because most of Ayurveda centers are in Kerala.

It can also be done by oneself. In that case it is called as Abhyanga or “self massage. So the right way is to get a monthly whole body massage from trained masseurs and daily self massage.
Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh
Yoga Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India
Benefits of whole body massage (By trained practitioners and self)

Regular practice of Abhyanga and whole body massage endows the following benefits.

This therapy will help reduce the wrinkles and that means youth remains longer.
Relaxation of all the muscles in body means getting rid of tiredness and weakness that comes with tiredness.
Vata doshas which are responsible for most of common ailments is relieved by this therapy. It improves the eyesight.
The massage integrates the bones, muscles and tendons very well. This leads to strengthening of the body and various tissues.
Relaxation of the body and mind you get good uninterrupted sleep. Very essential for proper functioning of the body.
Imparts inner and outer beauty. Not only will you have soft and glowing skin but a mind that is sharper. It is much more than medical science.
The massage with use of pressure points makes the circulatory system healthy. This in turn helps heart health.
Treatment Duration: 60 Minutes

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